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Jack runs a nationally recognized blog and its easy to see why. An expert researcher, he is fearless in taking on city hall. This blog is a must read for anybody seriously interested in Portland politics.

Good blog, I follow him pretty closely. He is rabid anti Trimet however.


You wanna know historical facts about Trimet, Jason Mchuff is your man.


The folks that inhabit Portland Transport are among the most educated in the world of transit. They especially love the streetcar and what it has done for the city of Portland.

One of the best transit videographers Chad (punkrawker)knows transit issues inside and out.
One of my all time favorites, and actually the first Trimet operator blog!

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Bus Emergency

Bus Emergency is the #1 site anywhere on the internet for bus accident stories from all around the world.
Membership is international.
I am a regular contributor to this group and it is one of my favorite blogs.

The Tribune is a great paper but its blog can be a drag sometimes due to the heavy presence of the Rush Limbaugh crowd. I still like blogging over there.

This man knows how to find the stories, a must for any serious Portland Blogger.


Great blog from a TRIMET rail operator.
Great light rail stories with added stories of a personal nature.
She screens her posts!


I don't think anybody is more informed about transit issues than ADRON HALL. When he writes an article on an issue you know that the research will be thorough and the writing articulate. Some of his stories just captivate my attention. Heavy rail is his specialty. A brilliant man. I keep track of everything he writes.